Miscellany: Muvees

My Muvees....

Or, why a little good digital media software can be a dangerous thing.

**Broadband connection and an mpeg media player with sound 'on' required!**

Click on a link below to launch the 3-5 minute MPEG movie file in your media player.
For better playback, let the file download fully first, then re-play it.


Mayan Riviera, Yucatan Sept. '05

file size: 51 Mb (.wmv)
music: Soundtrack from "The Beach"

Cozumel April '05

file size: 38 Mb
music: Sublime "What I Got (reprise)"

Da Guys 40th B'day
Skydiving Adventure '03

file size: 50 Mb
Bush "Machinehead"

Bahamas Dec. '04

file size: 40 Mb
music: Shinehead "Jamaican in New York"

Pooh Playing

file size: 27 Mb
music: Mark Knopfler "We're Going to War"

Aki & Pooh Playing

file size: 31 Mb
music: Jimi Hendrix
"Third Stone from the Sun"

College Daze Opus 1

file size: 68 Mb
soundtrack: New Order "Thieves Like Us"
Photos by Sue, Serpe, & co.

College Daze 2:
"House 36 Unleashed"

file size: 40 Mb
soundtrack: Madness "Our House"
Photos by House 36ers & Tunnel Dwellers

TL: The Boyhood Years

file size: 50 Mb
soundtrack: Simon & Garfunkel
"The Only Living Boy in NY"
Photos by family

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