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On Target:
Site Testing for Successful Web Sites

Does your Web site 'work' as it should? There's only one way to find out--TEST IT!

This document includes a template you can use to perform your own professional-quality Web site testing and design-performance analysis. Complete details on testing methodology, tools, and results analysis are provided.

A brief excerpt from this nine-page document is provided below, or you can jump right to the full version via the View File button.

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Acrobat Reader required to view or download/print this document. You can download Reader for free from Adobe if you don't have it.

To download a copy of this document and use the template provided, click the floppy disk icon in Reader and save it to your PC. You can edit your locally-saved version if you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF editing software.

'Best Practice' Web Site Testing for Successful Sites

To build a successful Web site--or to check that your Web site has been properly built--you need to test it. There are three basic reasons to test your site:

  1. To ensure your site displays properly and performs correctly when viewed with the most commonly used Web browsers;
  2. To ensure that your page loading times meet the needs and expectations of your site's customers/target market(s); and
  3. To ensure that your site is logically organized and easy to use.

The objective of this document is to provide an effective, professional-quality Web site testing procedure that anyone can use to check that their site meets acceptable standards in these three key areas. It includes:

  • Specific performance standards your Web site should meet (beyond the '8-second rule'),
  • Successful site testing preparation procedures and procedures, and
  • A ready-to-use document template that you can use to perform and document your own site testing. MORE...

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