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Here you'll find articles, white papers, and research reports on e-business, Web site development, software, project management, and the real 'Internet revolutions'.

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On Target eBusiness Articles
Information & advice from WebGunForHire on various eBiz issues

  • Data Security & Privacy Practices for Small Businesses
    Think your e-Business isn't big enough to have to worry about privacy and security issues? Think again. The heretofore largely unregulated era of data privacy is rapidly coming to a close, with privacy laws on the books in over 40 countries already, the U.S. instituting major new regulations for data privacy and security for the financial and healthcare industries, and various broad legislative initiatives under way.

  • Leading Content Management Applications 2001
    Looking for a good content management solution? Want to really take control of your Web site? This concise overview gives you all the information you need to select the best application to suit your organization's needs.

  • Minding a Microsoft SiteServer Commerce Edition Store
    Just about anyone starting or already operating a B2C e-commerce operation should at least consider Microsoft's SiteServer Commerce Edition, now called Commerce Server. This report from the trenches provides in-depth insight into this powerful though not entirely trouble-free retail e-commerce operations platform.

  • Best-Practice Site Testing for Successful Web Sites
    Does your Web site 'work' as it should? There's only one way to find out--TEST IT! Includes a template you can use to perform professional-quality Web site testing and performance analysis. More...

  • The Internet-Enabled Disease Management Revolution Will Not Be Televised
    Whatever happened to the 'Internet revolution'? Was it all smoke and mirrors? As a matter of fact, in certain areas such as chronic disease management, the Internet and related technologies are quietly beginning to help save both millions of lives and millions of dollars in health costs. More...

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  • Gunfight in the Digital Rights Management Corral

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